Facilities / Equipment

PVT Clean Energy is located in Upstate New York in a lab facility with a space of 16,519 square feet. The building is shared with Sustainable Product Development Laboratory (SPDL) and other small business startup companies. The lab is equipped with solar panel production machinery as well as materials testing.

Sunpower Back Contact Cell Semi-Automatic Stringer

Cell Tester

Packaging Laminator

Solar Light Table for Testing PV Panels

Multifunctional Environmental Chamber

The custom design environmental chamber can simulate different types of climate conditions and be used to study performance of various materials including solar panels, concrete, etc. in different regions of the country.

3D Printer, Form 3+

This is latest generation of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer with LFS technology which accurately delivers parts with fine features using a clean, uniform laser spot across the entire print surface.

Concrete Foaming Machine

The Stable Air M50 is a mobile foaming machine that uses pressured air, water, and a foaming agent to make micro-structure foam. The model includes a programmable digital timer, auto-mixing foaming agent, and batch design calculator with a total output of 5CFM to 7CFM.